Subscription Rates for Legal Entities

A Legal Entity can choose between different subscription plans according to size, measured by number of employees (FTEs = full time equivalents), and the number of Media Outlets to be linked to its account. Always the highest one matters. So, in theory, if the entity owns 10 different Media Outlets that want to use the jti:app, but employs only four people overall, plan ‘L’ would apply. The same would be the case if the staff counts 500, but they all work for only one Media Outlet.
In addition, we do offer discounts and apply two different criteria. One is the not-for-profit status of the Legal Entity in accordance with the relevant national legislation. The second one is the list of Development Assistance Countries (DAC) published by the OECD. If one of these two criteria – no matter which one – is fulfilled, a 50% discount applies. If both are met, another 50% (or 75% overall) are deducted from the standard subscription rate. In very few exceptional cases we may consider a total waiver of fees upon request (only XS and S plans).

Tutorial, fig.2. - fee structure of the jti:app